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Brass Moulding Inserts

Brass Moulding Inserts Brass Threaded Inserts, Brass Knurled Inserts, Brass Inserts for Plastics, Brass Inserts for Wood and Clipboard, Ultrasonic range of Brass Inserts, Heatbit range of Brass Inserts, Press-in Inserts with and without collars, Moulded-in Inserts Knurling Available Diamond » Straight » Unidirectional » Both blind and through brass

Brass Terminals & Connectors and Drop Out Fuse Parts

BrassTerminals & Connectors and Drop Out Fuse Parts Brass Terminals are used mostly in Metering Industries. They are in form of Current Terminals, Potential Terminals & Voltage Terminals etc. Single Phase & 3 phase energy meters needs high quality Terminals for superior conductivity & résistance to corrosion. Variety of terminals