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BrassTerminals & Connectors and Drop Out Fuse Parts

Brass Terminals are used mostly in Metering Industries. They are in form of Current Terminals, Potential Terminals & Voltage Terminals etc. Single Phase & 3 phase energy meters needs high quality Terminals for superior conductivity & résistance to corrosion. Variety of terminals can be produced as per custom design & specifications. We usually produce these terminals exclusively as per custom design in the form of Square, Rectangular or in Special Sectional Design


  • Brass Terminals are available as per IS 319 or BS 249 or BS 2874: CZ 121 or any high graded brass as per custom specification.

Sizes & Types

  • Current Terminal, Potential Terminal & Voltage Terminal some of the type of Terminals that are used in Electric & Energy Meters. Any Size from 2mm is made available as per custom requirement.


  • Natural, Silver,Tin or any coating as per custom specification.